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Study Tours to Reggio Emilia, Italy

Cultivating the Early Years runs a Progressive Ed for the Early Years seminar series (both in-person or in an online format) that is connected to March Student Professor study tour to Reggio Emilia. This study tour is designed for participants who are either students at an institution of higher ed or enrolled in an approved  Reggio focused professional development. We can also work with your organization or school to design a seminar series that meets your needs, and allows your group to attend this amazing study tour. Some of the organizations and schools  we work are the Jewish United Fund, Erikson Institute, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Commons, Learning Tree Ireland. For more information about how to get involved in this small closed study tour contact us. 

Consulting and Professional Development

Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity; the 21st Century skills for learning. These are the skills all children need to succeed in our 21st Century global world. Amazingly, these skills already exist within young children. Young children are naturally curious communicators. They spend everyday exploring new things, creating solutions to problems, and figuring out our complex world. We must nurture these natural skills, help children develop a growth mindset, and a love for learning. These are the skills that will help them succeed in an ever complex global world.


What’s needed is an educational paradigm shift. We must stop stifling young children’s natural love with developmentally inappropriate curriculum and pushed down academics! Instead we need to feed their naturally intellectual minds with Inquiry-based learning, nature-based learning, and interest-based STEM learning. No other approach to early learning does this better than the world renowned Reggio Emilia Approach. This approach to early learning looks at what is best for children’s learning and connects it to their culture and context to support the best practices for all young children. Cultivating the Early Years (CEY) works all over the world to support Reggio-inspired practice within a communities cultural and context.


We are currently working with schools, organizations, and local governments around the world. Now we want to support your paradigm shift! Let us help you build a better early childhood educational system that supports children’s 21st learning skills and embrace Reggio Emilia-inspired practice.

                  Consulting and Collaboration

Are you interested in working with us to support change in your programs contact us?

Organizations we are currently collaborating with;

The Reggio Emilia Foundation

The City of Chicago

Chicago Children's Museum

The Jewish United Fund

Boulder Journey School

Chicago Public Schools

Organizations and schools we are currently or previously have worked with;

Barbara Vick Early Asian Humans SErvices

Jewish United Fund

The Learning Tree Ireland

Chicago Commons

Chicago Jewish Day School

Bay Area Discovery School

Christopher House of Chicago

The World Forum Foundation

Easter Seals Chicago

Nature Explore

Dimensions Educational Research Foundation

Loyola University Educational Law and Policy Inst.

Erikson Institute

City of Chicago Park District

University of Chicago Lab School

and more....

We are expanding more elearning options coming Fall 2019

Possible Workshop Topics

Some of our Professional Development

Hands-on Math and Science for Teachers

Materials Exploration 

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Using Technolgy that supports Literacy

Making Learning Visible through Documentation

Supporting Children's Rigths in the Classroom

Story Telling with Young Children

Designing Child Centered Environments

Nature and Outdoor Classrooms

Child Development and the Image of the Child 

The Reflective Teacher and Researcher

Environment as the Third Teacher

Documentation and Assessment in the Progressive Ed Classroom

Exploring the 100 Languages of Children and Materials Exploration

Understanding Emergent Curriculum and Planning

Embracing STEM through the Hundred Languages

and more...

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