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Angela Fowler, Exec, Director
and Co-Founder
Angela (formerly of Erikson Institute) has been a dedicated crusader in support of quality education for ALL children for more than 25 years. She has advocated for high quality child-centered education as a teacher, higher ed Faculty Member and Director, Center Director, and as a Lead Consultant. At Erikson Institute Angela developed an online learning program for family childcare providers based on Reggio Inspired practice and developed a Reggio Emlia PD and Study tours. As a member of the faculty and teacher education program Director at Columbia College, she led curricula development that supported a more child-centered and progressive teacher training program.  Through this work Angela has proven herself as a leader in the field supporting more progressive education for early childhood. Angela is currently developing a leadership project with the Reggio Emilia Foundation as well as co-chairing the World Forum Working Group on Children's Rights. She speaks and consults around the world and has authored several articles, book chapters, and is currently writing two books on children's' rights and Progressive Education. However, Angela is very hands-on and can still be found out in the field consulting with many of CEY's clients.  For full CV clear click here.
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