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eLearning for Collaborative Leadership

Why should you take online learning from CEY?
Our expertise in this area is unmatched. Our instructors have a deep understanding of progressive educational approaches backed up by years of experience and teaching in the classroom and in higher ed. They have studied the Reggio Emilia Approach for more than 20 years and have coordinated more than 15 study tours to Reggio Emilia.  Our instructors are highly qualified with Masters Degrees and have many years experience leading and developing programs. We are Gateways approved and you can chooese to take modules for nationally recognized CEU credit. 

Coming Soon:

Curriculum and Program Focused

  •  Messing About with Materials- How loose parts supports STEM learning

  • Loose Parts with Infants and Toddlers

  • Technology for the Early Years- A Reggio-inspired approach

  • The Environment as the Third Teacher- Center-based

  • Social justice and Reggio-Inspired Practice

  • Literacy and Language Development In a Reggio-Inspired Classroom

  • Nature Based Learning on the Playground

  • Learning in the Outdoor Classroom

  • Technology as a Tool for Exploring Nature-More STEM Learning

  • Farm to Table-the classroom garden

  • Art as a language of learning-STEAM

  • How to develop a child centered emergent study

  •  Math and Science in the Reggio-inspired Classroom

  • Planning for emergent curriculum in the Reggio-inspired classroom

  • Supporting Literacy Development through Nature Exploration

  • Documentation Authentic Assessment for School and Center Based Programs

  • Becoming a Teacher Researcher

  • Co-Constructing knowledge, learning Alongside Children

  • How much is too much-Creating an environment that engages but doesn't distract


Leadership Focus

  • Collaborative Leadership-co-leading a Reggio-inspired approach

  • Running a Collaborative Staff Meeting

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